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Apple Car Play

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Can anybody help me with the wiring colours so that I can connect this unit so that I get Apple Car Play in my Alphard. Also how does the small connection board fit  to give me touch screen? Also key 1 


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1 hour ago, Ayrshire Man said:

Next question does the KEY 1 and KEY 2 wires need to be connected if so where to.

I have not connected these, because the audio is routed via the box into my existing headunit, the volume controls on steering still work.

I imagine by wiring these in, it will activate the other keys.


I have the 18speaker amp model headunit, I believe I have identified the correct wires for the steering, but I have not done an ohms reading on them to confirm.

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53 minutes ago, Ayrshire Man said:

From your previous post you say you have to cut two wires so the screen does not go blank over 5mph, what are the colours of the wires and where are they located at the back of the head unit.

my Alphard is a 2010, so the plugs are very different.

I was able to use a wiring diagram and test meter to find the right wires.


Unfortunately, the site in russia that had the wiring diagrams for the 10series seems offline (They have not paid their server host), and I did not make copies of diagrams at the time.


The wires for reverse, speed sense, and steering controls were all found on my main power in plug.



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5 hours ago, Ayrshire Man said:

Hope you don’t mind me asking Did you just cut the wires then tape them up?

I cut the wires, and loom side insulated.

the side connected to head unit added little latching blocks with added wire to ground.


I am planning on adding a switch in to blank panel, to toggle from regular operation.

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I have installed this into my 2006 series 10 Alphard and when I release the hand brake the screen goes off. As Chris has informed me above I need to disconnect two wires on the head unit, one for the speed sensor and one for the handbrake Chris’s Alphard is a series 20 and different to mine. Can anyone advise me on which plug it is and what colour are the wires.

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This is the control box that is plug and play to bypass parking brake and speed sensor - out of stock here, but gives you something to look for if you want a decent solution:




Kit came with a choice of switches, even a decent OEM looking one for a blanking plate


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