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Handbrake and speed sensor preventing Apple CarPlay Working Mk1 Alphard

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I have installed Apple Car Play via an adaptor unit and it works fine until I release the handbrake when it goes off. I presume this is so you can’t watch the front screen whilst driving. I have seen on the Mk2 there are 2 wires for the handbrake and speed sensor to disconnect, I presume it is the same for the 2006 Mk1 with the Toyota larger screen fitted. I have found wiring information for the Mk2 even information on the connectors at the rear of the head unit but nothing of use for the Mk1 Alphard. 



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They look like more standard toyota connectors, should be the 5 pin grey connector, as this is commonly used on older headunits. (marked 12 on your photo)


Try this page:


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2 hours ago, Ayrshire Man said:

Yes you are correct, that is the connector, the wire colours No 1 blue with a yellow stripe No 3 red. I haven’t been out yet as the battery is on charge but it still works with the hand brake off

i think the pink stripped wire is reverse signal, too, if you need it.

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2 is parking assist system

3 GPS antenna


6 Telemetric system (G-Book, Toyota assist)

7 not used on mine, not sure what this is

8 I think is external DVD/CD multichanger


13 is TV/DBT & antenna


Somewhere in the other connectors, you'd have Aux in (which you have already discovered) Electronic Toll Collection system, speakers etc, rear screen connection etc

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