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Advice - Fitting a Joying head unit

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Hi all,


Firstly apologies for raising yet another post around android head units. I have searched previous posts and haven't found an answer to my problem.


So I have a 2011 3.5 Alphard GL with the factory amplifier and 18 speaker sound system. And like many others I am trying to fit a new android head unit and retain the factory amplifier and speakers.


I have ordered the following head unit Joying 11.6inch single din head unit (image attached showing ports etc.)


and an audio decoder box Skyfame decoder box (image attached showing ports etc.)


I thought I had all the items I needed but it appears I forgot the canbus decoder / harness to hook it all together. And I think this is where I am going to run into some issues. The Joying head unit has a 20pin 'Joying port', which seems to be an unusual size, as most harnesses seem to be 16 pin. Also not all the ports on the decoder box could be connected. The two white connectors attached fine, but I couldn't find a black 8 pin connection. I assume this would be on the adaptor harness, and is what provides the decoder with the audio input. 


Does anyone know if it is possible to get adaptors to convert from 20pin to 16pin? Or is the joying head unit basically not fit for purpose, unless Joying supply the relevant cables?


If anyone is able to shed some light on what I need or things I need to consider it would be appreciated, as I am a little bit lost.



Joying Newly 11.6 Inch 1 Din 8GB+128GB Big Memory Ultra-Thin Screen Car Radio (13).jpg


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