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MOT Test results.

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Firstly our Alphard has just passed it's MOT Test but has advisories which I share with you all. The tester on my asking for more details on these advisories said that he could detect movements on these mounting points, but could not come to any concerns as to serious problems. He called over another Tester who agreed with with him. As I have always replaced any parts on any vehicle I have owned which was not 100%, I will be replacing these bushes/pins in the near future. The workshop manager advised that they are replaced with Poly bushes.

Advisories:-  As written, N/s and O/s suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement, N/side and O/side front[ rear bushes.]

                                         N/s and O/s rear axle swivel pin and/ or bushes slightly worn.

The vehicle drives perfectly with no noises or steering problems but will replace as previously mentioned with poly bushes which I am assured are a good up grade.



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The problem is that the tester does not have access to individual vehicle specs. and judges what he/she considers in his expertise,as in my case,the movement needs to be

noted. I have always taken note of the advisories and ensured new parts are fitted before the next MOT. Recently I have ordered the parts needed, to be fitted prior to the next MOT[June]. Alphard suspension parts, Mike--07761700770. Have your chassis type at hand[not the chassis number,just the letters and number before the actual series of numbers].

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Further to my post yesterday I realised I just gave a name and phone number for suspension parts,so below is the full info:-


Mike Oakes, Company: Spring Loaded, 07761700770.  I have used Spring Loaded on several occasions for Toyota and Suzuki suspension parts and found Mike extremely helpful with sourcing parts at sensible prices. I have met Mike as his brother lives about half a mile down our road and found him to be very knowledgeable about his products.

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