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2008 Gen 2 Vellfire reverse trigger wire

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Hi all,

I've gone through all the forums, but not found anything on there apart from the Gen 1 cars, hence asking:


I have a 2008 Gen 2 Vellfire (GGH20W-NFTSK) which was fitted with the 26041 radio. I have replaced the radio with a cheap Atoto radio so I have Apple Play etc in English, all good. I've ordered a new amplifier, and will be fitting that this week when it arrives.

The one thing I have not been able to do is identify which is the reverse trigger wire off the existing loom. I've tried with the multi-tester to find it, but no luck so far. Does anyone happen to know which it may be please? It would be good to have confirmation of all the reverse camera wires if anyone happens to know.


And for bonus points, if you can identify the wires from the original loom that support the front camera, I'd be eternally grateful!


Many thanks,


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front cam actually goes to a separate intelligent parking assistant computer, from there it uses the blue digital connection.


you need a separate unit that converts this to a standard phono connector

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Chris, you are a legend! Thank you! I may be able to make this all work after all! Much obliged.


Beers to you for the wiring diagrams and manuals?


Thank you so much!


All the best,


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