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Hi couldn't attend the Gaydon meet last weekend for a chat as had to travel opposite direction.

Had quite an early start and noticed the heater wasnt blowing hot or even warm air. (fan is working)

Quick search says might be blend accuator but its tucked  away beside the pollen filter so not an easy test.

Any suggestions? plenty coolant + temp gauge always in middle.

Thanks Alan

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Hello Alan,


I expect Picasso may answer this for you.


Previously he has advised this can be air in the system.


If it is, he is also able to provide a process to fill it properly.


I feel sure the process is already on here; so if he doesn't reply you need to search the Forum thoroughly.


Search box is on your home page.

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6 hours ago, ALSALPHARD said:

Thanks Roger,

Though was working warm a while ago.

its little used but tends to be longer journeys when it is.

might be time for a coolant change.


I doubt it is a coolant issue, more like air in it.


However, with winter approaching rebalancing the antifreeze is always a good plan.

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