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JDM pariah calling: Anyone understands the 'setting' for Wheel Alignment / Tracking?


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whoever I ask for wheel alignment / tracking, are saying no to JDM imports as they don't have the settings for it.


Will it not make sense we have the settings for wheel alignment handy and we all keep it with us when needed?


I might be talking rubbish as it might depend on machine, some other configs, exact model year, might have IP implications or the settings might be a massive unwieldly file that is not easy to grab or carry? Anyone know how to deal with this

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is it something that can be secured from Japan itself? online download?


I was shocked that even Toyota Dealer that I called refused to deal with the wheel alignment of Alphards Vellfires. I am sure this can be solved as a community and there has to be self help / fix for all times. Imagine you are out and about and some issue strikes and are marooned without the 'seetings' to get back on road. I hope with this thread we manage to draw a line under this question for all.

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before anyone says, there might be an option to do the wheel alignment old school way manually, but the question is how to do it properly with settings - fire and forget - and not having to look for someone willing to do it manually and getting only a good enough job / not so precise being manual

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1 hour ago, Picasso said:

Thanks a lot Picasso, I am rubbing my eyes in disbelief. I will show this to local wheel alignment guys and see if they like it!!

Thank you again. I will report back

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1 minute ago, Picasso said:

I hope its what you need yes please let me know how you get on 

Called local F1 guys they won’t do it even with the setting being provided.


 One local specialists want 150 to do wheel alignment but need to see the car first before making appointment. I’ll keep trying

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