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faulty oxygen sensor advise please

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Anybody know what the effects of a faulty oxygen sensor would be ?

Also are they hard to change ?

Im not sure if its called oxygen sensor as iv heard it called something like Lambder sensor 😕

It has several wires and is connected to the exhaust pipe


Thanks in advance for any advise


ps Anybody have radiator for sale ?

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The effect of oxygen sensor *upstream of the cat converter is that the control the air-fuel ratio (lambda) becomes crude (open loop control). Emissions will exceed legal levels and ultimately you won't get an MOT. I think what you're asking is whether this will cause engine damage. You should be fine driving to a garage or car parts store and so on.


Note there's two oxygen sensors: One upstream and one downstream of the cat converter. Be sure which one is faulty from the OBD P-CODE.

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I had this problem when we bought our Alphard. Took it back to the garage where I bought it. Took them a while to find the problem. Initially, the diagnostics indicated a faulty oxygen sensor but replacing it did not solve the problem. Clever mechanic at the garage then reckoned it was another sensor, lambda I think. Replaced that and problem solved. My point is that apparently the faulty sender was creating adverse conditions which upset the oxygen levels, and the oxygen sensor was actually working correctly. The faulty sender however did not throw up a fault. Hope that helps.

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Fantastic , Thanks so much.


It was difficult to pass the emission test this year. Then we noticed the cable has been chewed by and animal of some sort.

I guess ill have to replace it.


Thanks again

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