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ATH10 auxiliary belt replacement


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I have a 2006 hybrid and there's an occasional squeeking coming from the drive belt area.


I have a new genuine belt to swap over, but has anyone else experienced noises in this area? Is there a common fault that a bearing goes?


Its done 75k miles.


Also, to change the belt, does the front driver's wheel need to come off and wheel arch liner be removed?


Many thanks


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So, I’ve still not gotten to the bottom of this noise. 

Bought a mechanic’s stethoscope to hopefully narrow the cause down.


if it’s the belt tensioner, they are rather expensive and I can’t seem to find an aftermarket version.


im wondering if one for the same engine in an Estima might be ok. 
Found one (from the UAE) which is a sensible price!




Different part number, but looks like it might work. Tempted to have a gamble!

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On 12/16/2022 at 9:27 AM, Mat C. said:

Hi Where did you get the fan belt? I have the same issue and need a new belt and tensioner. 

Hi Matt C,


Just to let you know I’ve ordered the tensioner mentioned above. Hopefully it will fit! 
the part number is 16620-28021. £108 delivered.


will let you know how it goes!

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Thought I’d give you all an update.


I ended up getting my local Toyota dealer, Steven Eagell, to do the job. They replace the belt, new tensioner and the water pump as it was leaking.


Sounds so much smoother, but there is still a squeal occasionally on startup from cold.

 I think it might be the idler bearing / pulley. 
It’s booked in on Friday to take a look.


They also changed all the coolant and gearbox and mgr fluid as who knows when that was last done!

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