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51 minutes ago, vivian said:

Vehicle is completely dead.

new battery installed - nothing.

Help please.


Hello Vivian,


Welcome to the Forum.


Please ensure the new battery is fully charged.

May be better to disconnect it it and remove it your  garage or shed and charge it overnight.


What were the symptoms before the new battery ?


I have a different model, but if the vehicle is allowed to stand without use the result can be an apparently dead car.

I keep a spare battery, fully charged, for when this happens, and I use it to start the car with jump leads.


When you do get it started, you need to run for 30 to 45 minutes to allow the alternator to fully charge the battery!


Hope this helps.

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7 hours ago, vivian said:

Thanks for your reply!

it’s a brand new battery

if an attempt was made to connect it the wrong way round would it have shorted anything?


Hello Vivian.


I am not an auto electrician.

Hopefully one of our more learned members will answer your question better than I.


Trying to fit a battery, incorrectly, could lead to accidents.

The terminals are different sizes. The positive is larger than the negative.

The leads in the car are similarly different sizes.

So they cannot be properly fitted incorrectly, the wrong way round.


Unfortunately, this does not prevent them being temporarily (touch connected) incorrectly.


Did you do fit  the battery at home, or have a done at a garage ?


If you believe the battery has been fitted incorrectly, even for seconds, you may need to check all the fuses individually for any blown ones.

Generally, any sparking when fitting a battery is not a good sign either, as it means a least one circuit is live.


If you are desperate, contact Cuttothechase on ebay as he is close to you and may be able to help in some way.

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Not enough information. 

Why was battery changed? 

What was the status before the change? Warning lights etc? 

When you say 'dead' is this everything? Dashboard lights, central locking, brake lights, etc etc. 


If you connect battery reversed, although most of the electrics are protected, you could damage the ecu. 

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Ecu stands for electrical control unit this is the computer brain of the whole vehicle under the bonnet you will have the main engine bay fuse box I think you blown the main fuse you need to check all these fuses what's your reg no. Or vin no. 


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Did car work fine before battery went flat? 


There are some main high current fuses, one of these must have blown. 

Now the reason for the initial flat battery, this is the concern. 

A battery going flat would not blow fuses, so something happened, maybe a rodent has chewed through some wire? Are the battery clamps free of rust? 

Auto electrician should be able to check wiring from battery to alternator and the main fuses pretty quickly, but if the problem lies beyond that, that's when it may take time. 


All the electrical diagrams are available, but labelled in Japanese at:



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5 hours ago, vivian said:

Y8 ctv


i do have a auto electrician coming on the 4th


i hope he can find the problem.

the battery that was removed was completely flat



Hello again Vivian,


We are all making slow progress.

As Chris.ac says, we need as much info as possible, PLEASE.


As DVLA has your vehicle recorded as a Hybrid; I assume it is.

Please confirm that, and I will change your listing.

Otherwise, it is misleading, and members will not, necessarily, provide relevant advice.


As your vehicle was imported a while ago, when did the issue arise ?

Was it overnight or over a period of time?

What were the symptoms prior to the dead battery ?


What is the location of the battery ?


I would get your new battery fully charged before the auto electrician arrives.

He probably won't need it, but you will when sorts the problem.

I'd charge the old one too, if you still have it.


Good Luck.

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It is a hybrid

i bought it in feb last year 2022

has run great without probs

i used it about 3 weeks ago before the frost, came to use it two days ago and it was dead. I’m assuming the frost is the issue. However, attempting to fit the wrong battery may be the problem.

battery is located between the front seats

the new battery is still installed

i need to get a battery charger!


Thanks for replying 😊

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Ah, hybrid - my advice is moot, sorry - your member details listed it as a 2.4 petrol, not the 2.4 hybrid.

Your problems most probably lie with the hybrid HV battery or the controller, not the 12V battery.


The Hybrid has a socket in the engine bay for attaching a booster/jump start lead - you should try this first.


Does the 12V battery you have fitted actually have a charge? you can pick up a tester for under £15 from somewhere like Wilko, or even Tesco.

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There is a plastic cover near the rear bulkhead of the engine back, it is labelled, that is the positive terminal, you connect a charger to that and the negative to chassis, someone with a hybrid should be able to explain better, I think its been posted about before if you search.

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Your vehicle type has been corrected.


I do not have a Hybrid so can no longer offer useful help.


But I will mention that batteries do not respond well to cold weather; their charge level needs to be maintained throughout the winter months.

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Have you bought correct battery meaning is it a standard battery of the shelf normal motor factor's or is it a genuine one from toyota what's the part no. Of the battery or if you don't mind tell how much you pay for it .


















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OK I'm sure you have blown a fuse I have attached a drawing from lookup system can you please confirm the bit circled in red is fitted to your battery should be positive side 
















Screenshot_20230101_211806_Samsung Internet.jpg

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I'm sure it's there it's called a. FUSEABLE LINK. it's the main fuse this is sealed unit and can not be taken a part this is the fuse you have blown your auto electrician will confirm this this part only avaliable from toyota only and won't get it from anywhere else the part no. You need is. 8262058020. This should cost no more than about £60 or less please don't let auto electrician try to bodge the fuse link as you can cause a lot more problems 

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