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Hybrid Repair

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Hi is there anyone who would know somewhere near Northampton or Milton Keynes that could repair my hybrid?.

I am guessing that it is the battery. It has the VSC light is on as well as the yellow circle with an ! on it, and the hybrid light (red car with ! on it)

Car just stopped while driving and would not restart.
It can be started by disconnecting the 12v battery and reconnecting it, But after this it will show one bar on the hybrid display and the car will start charging the H V battery and will charge past the normal 3 bars and fill the fourth after this the lights will return on the dash and it will stop.
 If let it charge to 3 bars and drive it . The battery will deplete and recharge from 1 to 4 bars very quickly .The display will stop showing the energy from the wheels to the battery and from the battery to the wheels on the display, Then the lights come back on and the car stops.
I am having real trouble finding anyone local to me to repair it.

Can anyone help?

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