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Toyota Alphard Hybrid 2006

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I bought a 2006 hybrid in September '22 - i did an oil & filter change and since driven full family/luggage loaded to Croatia, Poland, French Alps & currently in Spain. 

She's been perfect except i noticed a vibration when pulling away on hybrid for the first 10mph or so, which whilst it got worse from an ever so slight to more noticeable, it hasn't got worse in the last 4000 miles since Croatia. I understand it's the electronic braking system or similar, decided it's nothiong to continue worrying about 

I had recon batteries in mine when i got it and do love the hybrid, especially if you can drive cautiously around town as you'll eek out plenty of mpg - mid 40's mpg, often more if you driver like an old vicar.

The 2.4 does struggle a little on hills, rather like a 18 wheeler lorry does on long motorway hills, unless you're happy to put your foot down and consume more fuel. 

I'm never in a hurry so doesn't bother me. The S gear which i assume equates 'sport', i used this in the Alps and it climbs hills perfectly fine. 

Would definitely get a hybrid again, particularly if you fit the cruise control switch to it

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I purchased a 2005 hybrid E4 in October 21 with 62k miles on it from a reputable dealer- have done 5k miles with holidays in the Lake District and Northumberland-  vehicle is a pleasure to drive and is ideal for steady motoring although it will go if you make it, have taken 6 adults, one teen and 3 small dogs on holiday in comfort. The tyres supplied with the vehicle were very good but after 6 months I noticed hair cracks around the treads and found the tyres were 8 years old so replaced them- 16" tyres were very reasonable. Had to have a new 12v battery when winter came as if not regularly used or charged up they go bad quickly and a new correct OEM or equivalent battery is now £300-£400 - other Forum members have apparently used cheaper batteries OK. Recently I have had a bad sector on the HV battery which means I can't use the vehicle and am awaiting this to be rebuilt so hoping everything will be OK. The HV batteries are reported to be capable of 200k miles but it might be worth factoring the cost of a rebuild and possibly replacing the 12v battery also when you budget. You can't know how long the vehicle has been stood awaiting auction in Japan then standing waiting sale in the UK.


The petrol engines are reputed to use oil ( there is a post on the Forum about this) but mine has not used any oil I can see and it is still as clear as when it was supplied.

I have been getting about 30mpg overall with a mix of motorway, urban and country driving. As reported there is an "S" (Sport) setting on Drive which boosts the engine for short periods but uses the juice quickly and there is a "B" setting which according to the handbook is for "engine braking" but posts in the Forum suggest engine braking can cause damage to the engine so I don't use it and I make sure to use the footbrake on steep hills as necessary to stop the vehicle running away.

Before the HV battery issue I would drive it at least twice a week to keep it in good fettle even to go shopping. Problems for me seem to arise when the weather goes cold from Nov-Dec. but I am learning. I hope this experience is useful to you.

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