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02 sensor fault


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I have an engine management light on, on my 2005 3.0 v6 alphard.


I've checked the code and it's showing P0155 bank2 sensor 1 , 02 error.

I've been advised there are 4 sensors. Should they all be swapped out at once?

Does anybody have a part number.

And a reliable supplier? 





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Hi Craig I have had this code myself it also points to airflow sensor there are 2 o2 sensors of front and 2 rear rear ones rarely fail front one easy to do as just under the bonnet rear one you need it to be on a ramp I solved my problem bottle of a good cat cleaner in a quarter tank of fuel and a good blast foot down worth a shot doing that first £20 for a bottle cat cleaner since doing mine last summer never had a problem and I put a bottle in now once every 6 weeks if you still want to get the 02 sensors google autojapspares 















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Get to about 40 mph then I have had vsc trc off and engine management lamps on with high fuel consumption have changed all 4 sensors with aftermarket ones problem still here should try the cat cleaning thing any help welcome  


update just stuck a bottle of cataclean in it ran it up fault cleared will keep an eye on it and report 

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