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2006 Alphard Emissions


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Hi all


I am due to drive through France to Spain in a few weeks. With a “grey” import the emissions information is missing from the V5. The car is a 3l V6.


My concern is there are an increasing number of EU cities requiring evidence of CO2 emissions/ Euro standard, without which you can incur quite large fines (Crit Air = 68 euros minimum in France) if you drive through the zone. 


My car is ULEZ compliant in both London and Bristol. Unfortunately TFL does not provide any info on how they have assessed the emissions standard. I am also hesitant to enquire in case it is an error,  particularly as originally the car was not considered compliant.


In an attempt to get some evidence of the emissions standard, so I can obtain a European low emission zone classification, I have contacted various organisations.


Toyota UK has advised that they will not provide a Certificate of Conformity for a Japanese car that is not designed for the UK market. They instead directed me to the individual Vehicle Approval Scheme (IVA) run by the Government. A very helpful member of staff advised that the IVA does not test for emissions standards and suggested I seek a private test, which could cost around £3k, subject to establishing what the DVLA requirements are to amend the classification on the V5. 


A private test is not an option for me. So it looks like I will have to avoid the major cities and the add extra miles and time to my journey. 


Has anyone else managed to get any further than me?

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Hi Chris / all


I am having the same issue.  The first three letters of my chassis no. are ATH, which don't seem to tally with the list on those websites. Any help would be appreciated (I have a 2003 2.4L Hybrid).


Many thanks


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   I have just received my crit air sticker (2) for my 2008 vellfire from official French web certificat-air.gouv.fr  it cost me 4.61 euros. It seems you don't need to worry about meeting euro emission as it it is based on year of manufacture for vehicles that don't show euro standards in log book. So even the earliest Alphard would get crit-air 3 sticker. You can check this on the official French web sign it even translates into English.

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