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Unusual Dash Light When Applying Brake Pedal

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Hello all, I am a new Alphard 3.0 owner. (Bought my 2002 model last August) 

I have generally loved this vehicle, for performance and spec. however the 22 year old battery struggled with the recent cold snap. I have found loads of info about resetting windows etc. after changing battery. However and maybe by coincidence I have also noticed the light in the picture has begun flashing when I apply the brake pedal. All my vehicle lights are working and the brake system checks out. Is this associated with battery change? Or possible an earth fault etc. Has anyone had this issue?




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That's the front fog light indicator, very weird that it comes on when you brake.

  • Does this happen when stationary?
  • When you say flash, you mean intentionally flashing by the instrument cluster or do you mean flickering?
  • In the photo is the lamp permanently on or have you captured
  • Do you know if the fogs come on when this occurs?
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High thanks for your reply:

Yes it does come on when stationary.

When I say flashing, probably misleading I mean it comes on and off with the brake pedal.

Lastly, the fog lights do not come on. I have tried it with my headlights on and off to confirm. 
To be honest I am starting to think it’s an earth fault or something like that. 
Again, many thanks for responding.


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