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Alphard Spare Wheel and Tyre

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Had an LPG conversion done to the van so no longer have room for the spare wheel. It's free for anyone that can pick it up. We're near Preston, Lancashire


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Gas Tech Warrington, Mark Marshall, 01925-555868. Excellent work, they had the van for about a week, the van drives no differently, can switch back to petrol at the press of a button. Cheaper to run, you can get a phone App. to locate LPG stations across the UK. It will take about 2 years to get a ROI, calculated based on driving 6,000 miles a year and petrol prices from a year ago.

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If you have any plans to fit a towbar, get them to fit one prior to installing the donut tank.


Btw, Gas Tech (if that's who you're using) did a great job polishing and sealing my headlight lenses which had yellowed quite badly, they look like new now.

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Don't want to blow your enthusiasm. But here down South 'LPG' equipped stations are virtually non-existent and if you do find one it's normally miles away from your aboad so you end up no better off with the fuel consumption😐

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You need to move up North then ☺️ 


I have one about 2 miles away and 5 within 10 miles - assuming the myLPG.eu App is accurate



Don't worry, much of all the stuff we need in the future will be no more than a 15 minute walk or cycle ride away from your home - being developed by cities across the UK to reduce carbon emissions by decreasing the use of motorized vehicles


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To emphasise Larry's point; the further you travel into the South West the more difficult it is to find LPG.


I am struggling to remember, but (I think) BP and Shell (maybe it was Exxon) have already announced withdrawal from forecourt LPG.


I, personally, would not want to rely on the smaller independents.


However, users of LPG are not reporting any significant issues, and, effectively, the installations produce a dual fuel vehicle.


If heading to Devon or Cornwall this summer plan your fuel stops.

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That sounds perfect sorry I should’ve said I need the tyre as well 🤔 not long got the Alphard and when checking noticed the spare is the wrong size (17”)

would it be possible to check the tyre size, mine are 245/40/19 if it’s ok size wise just need to work out how to get it to Kinross KY13, 

if I can arrange a courier would you be able to wrap it up with plastic shrink or bag & label, (apparently won’t be accepted by the courier if not covered), obviously I will compensate you for any trouble, will let you know if you can confirm

Many thanks


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