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Hello, Im new !

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Hello ,  


My Name is Crabby ( nickname my husband has given me as I get very crabby when im tired ) Im a twin mum and have come across the Toyota Alphard while looking for a new car . 

I have slowly but surly fallen in total love with this car from what I have been researching.  

Im looking in to buying one in the next few months , our budget isn't very big and I really don't know what I need to look out for.  

I know I want a hybrid/petrol as we live in London and I dont want to be caught out with the new rules and what not I did have a landcover but had to change it for a Nissan Quashia 7 seater. I hate the car its to small I cant get anyone to fit in the back bar my twin toddlers but even then they hate it .  


I was just hoping you lovely bunch of people could help me in my search to happiness  of loving a car! 


I hope this finds you all safe and well 


many thanks and nice to meet you all 



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