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I need to replace the wipers on my van, but I'm struggling to find the correct ones. Most of the sites that I have visited require number plate recognition to identify the correct parts, but my registration is not recognised.

Also, assuming I'm able to locate the correct parts, how do I replace the rear wiper when it is stowed under the lip of the back panel, and therefore out of reach?

Any helpful advice would be much appreciated.



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Hi Chris 


I was in the same predicament when I brought my Alphard last year.

Halfords and euro carparts kept sending me the wrong wipers.


The only place I could get the right ones were from Opie Oils.

I brought oil, filters and gearbox oil from them too.




As for the rear wiper. I just switched the wipper on and then switched the engine off when it got to the bottom. It returns back to its original position when you switch the engine back on.


I have seen someone pull it down manually too but I wouldn't recommend that.


Hope this helps 👍🏼

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You're welcome Chris.


I was a bit stuck for parts too when I purchased my Alphard. The dealer I brought mine from was a great help.

He recommended the site  https://partsouq.com


This site recognised my vin number and gave me some part numbers which I could cross reference with other sites.


These cars are brilliant and Bullet proof. I would advise keeping them happy with regular services.

Good luck 👍🏼 

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