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2002 Alphard - 3.0 V6 Engine swap

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Good afternoon to you all.  I signed up on the owners' club website yesterday as I have the chance to buy an Alphard which needs an engine replacement.  The first concern was how to source a replacement.  The code is 1MZ-FE and I believe that a Camry or a Lexus has the same engine if the year is correct.  May I ask whether this is already a done to death topic and basically it is a fools errand please?  I'd be interested to know if this has been done before and what other vehicles have the same engine.


Is anyone able to give me any tips other than "DON'T DO IT!"  🙂 ?


Thanks alot in advance and all the best.

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ebay is a good start as they do have a small warranty on 2nd hand ones if you bought through ebay and Paypal; I see one 1MZ-FE engine on there atm for £1795 ono; try Autospares and Salvage LTD; labour costs will push the costs up further.


What damage has been done to the one you're looking at, and price?

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Hello Derek,


Welcome to the Forum,


Sorry, but buy another vehicle or find out EXACTLY what is wrong with the current engine.

A repair may be a better bet.

Living where you do (I once lived in Perranuthnoe) you will need to consider how to get any 'new' engine to PZ too


Unless you are a mechanic, contact your local Toyota Dealer, not to have them fix it, but to ensure they will work on it if required.

Many, but not all, Toyota Dealers will not work on grey imports.


There is a company in Bodmin that will work on engines.


Good Luck

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