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Hybrid Alphard Camper

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Hello all,


I am considering to purchase a hybrid alphard and convert it to a camper, there are several things I would like to ask about the fantastic mpv:


1. Since there is a hybrid battery between the driver and passenger seat, is it possible to install swivel driver/passenger seats on the hybrid version?


2. Will the hybrid system able to switch itself on/off when running A/C at night? (Similar to what Prius does)


3. I planned to do some camping on some subzero degree location, is it possible to run a 100v electric heater using the AC outlet? Will the hybrid system be able to switch the engine on/off depends on the battery level?


4. My idea is to keep the camper's energy system as simple as possible, do you think there will be any potential problem to run the whole campers electric/cooking/heating system based on the A/C outlet without any leisure battery/propane?


Thanks a lot for your help!


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Hi, we are planning the same so very interested in the answers to this.

Only one I can put some weight behind is Q1 - we asked a garage that had done lots of conversions and he indicated that it wasn't possible to swivel the driver/passenger. I think it's as there is a standard swivel mechanism (I'm unaware if there are different types though perhaps). Be very happy if you or anyone found out anything different.

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Another question hybrid/battery related. Assuming if people have Alphard Hybrid Campers, the vehicle may not be their runaround they use all the time.

Anyone had any experience of the battery not maintaining charge when parked for long times?


Toyota recommend running the car for an hour each week (just static) to keep the battery in tip top shape. https://blog.toyota.co.uk/coronavirus-toyota-hybrid-car-maintenance This seems a boring job!


Anyone do this? In practice is this not necessary?

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I can answer some of the questions, for 2003 version,

1. Yes both seats can swivel but the center console has been removed aft of the facia panel which has the gear selector and two stowage bins in.

2. Yes

3. The power output from the 110V outlet is limited, 1500W I think, for heating best get a petrol heater installed.

4. I have an induction hob for cooking running off the hybrid battery, no propane installation hassle. For boiling a kettle the engine will startup at least once to recharge the hybrid battery. 12V supply could be an issue if running off the van battery as it is only small as it is not needed to start the engine the hybrid motor does that. I have two leisure batteries fitted, one below the gear selector and one below the drivers seat.


I have not had any issues with the hybrid battery not maintaining charge, I do try get out to the shops in it once a week or so, weather permitting. Running for an hour seems excessive as after around 15 mins the engine will cut out when everything is warmed up and battery charged, then will cycle as required. 

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Ecocampers installed a solar panel on the pop-top Alphard I bought from them. They tell me that as long as it gets sunlight I can leave it unused during the winter months.

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