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Newbie Barryt

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I’m Barry in Highcliffe.

Expecting delivery of 3.0 V6 MS Ltd at the end of month prior to conversion at Northstar


Please help with some advice

1..Should I fit an extra leisure battery

2..What about a solar panel

3..Is a band expander sufficient for the radio 
4. I use Waze for satnav on my phone so is it necessary to fit a new head unit to replace the existing Japanese system 






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A bit of a late response, and I hope you've sorted things by now, Barry.


But here're my views...

1.  Fitting a leisure battery depends on the type and amount of campingyou do.  Wildcamping? Fit a leisure battery!

2.  The same with a solar panel.

3. & 4.  Because my unit does CD, DVD, rear screen, and four Cameras, I've decided not to junk it just because of no GPS, TV or radio.  Instead, I'm fitting an Alpine DAB unit that uses an existing FM channel (or plugs into the front AUX socket) for the 'no radio' problem and manage with Waze on my (big screen) Samsung A42 mobile. I may have to get a big, cheap Chinese 7" or 9" GPS later.


Use Google Translate on your 'phone (the 'camera' option) to get instant translations of the Japanese (from the unit's screen or the handbook).  You can work out all the ancillary things (graphic equaliser, etc) and then just concentrate on how to operate CD, DVD, radio...  it's dead easy then!


Does anyone know how to shut up the annoying Japanese voice when first switched on, please?  I've not discovered that yet!





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Replying to Baz

Ive turned off the japanese  voice its  very easy though Ill have to look in my  notes when I come out of hospital next week

You can find out meantime by reading very informative malaysian guy

I thi k its something like 8seater.com

Youll find it by googling alphard 

Use google translate for converting jap to english

Will come back again



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