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On 10/24/2020 at 5:11 PM, Anne&rirchi said:

Has anyone got any feedback on a company called Japanese mpv specialist 

ūüėÄbased in Uxbridge¬†

did you get any feedback about them? we've just bought from them and I'm feeling slightly dubious 

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I have bought from Naeem.


I was nervous and had a AA report done. Not cheap.

It did come back with some issues; which Naeem explained and fixed.

In repairing the rear pins a connector had not been reconnected.


A very careful inspection is worthwhile to minimise surprises.

Most parts, so far, are available; but expensive


I bought a 2006 MZ G edition, and have had no unexpected issues so far.


Some Toyota dealers are very aloof, and unhelpful, with regard to Grey Imports.

My local dealer has proved very helpful with getting a few small parts.

Toyota Direct are also very helpful.


You need to consider renewing the timing belt (and water pump) at the same time (£525 plus vat).

According to my dealer every 100,000 miles or every 10 years.


As with any car dealer, once you have made your purchase you are usually 'on your own'.


This forum is a wealth of information, if you can find it, and if you can understand it!


Good Luck, Happy Alphing

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