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high beam control

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Greetings everyone. 

Recently bought a 2006 ANH10W, (Yea, had to check to make sure it was right) about 6 months back. And I love it.

I am wanting to bling it up a bit and make it my own by fitting a light-bar that I had used on my old Toyota Wish, because I don't want it laying about and collecting dust.

All wired up and going---except it's not exactly legal as far as WoF is concerned.

Been to sparkies and none seem able to give me the time of day it seems. Been to a Toyota dealership and they couldn't( or wouldn't) help.

In the Wish, it was a simple matter of using a splice box to connect a wire, (to relay, to switch, to earth) to control power through the relay to the light bar.

This thing with the Alphard is driving me nuts.

Light switch(84140, part number) triggers relay in the engine bay that energizes not only the low beams but also the high beams, because the high beams are not earthed through the bulb base like in the Wish. This means 2 wires from the bulb mount, (You guys know all this, hu?) 

There fore logic says--there has to be a relay or some form of earth to allow the bulb to ground out when you push the light switch forward for high beam. 

This is frustration typing. WHERE IS IT!!!!!?????

I need to hook the relay for the light bar into the High Beam control and splicing it into either of the wires from the bulb wont work. Is there a relay or does the light switch ground a relay, and if so, what color wire is it in the connector box???? If its a relay---where did they hide it????

I have just got to ground the control wire from light-bar relay to high-beam control and she's legal.

Help Please!!




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