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Vellfire GGH25 can fit 30 series seats?

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I am currently checking all options on how to upgrade my newly bought Vellfire. Some are just for fun, some are desired.

So here comes another one.

I read on fb that not all have the same width of rails for seats. Therefor my question if it is possible to fit in 30 series captain seats into a GGH25?

What I like about them is the more curved style and those buttons on the outer side of the armrest. They look pretty cool.

One more question that popped up was whether all the new functions may work? Massage, cooling etc.


Thanks guys

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Hi Sascha


What a great idea. I haven't heard of anyone doing this before although I'd love to see it done.

I would imagine you'll have to do some extra wiring to allow for the extra functions.


Please do post some pictures of the conversion if you do manage to do it.




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The question is somewhat academic, because ANH30 seats will be insanely expensive, even if you somehow managed to find a breaker in the UK selling ANH30 parts.

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I agree with babu, the cost of the seats will run you to over £4k. 

You'll need to modify the rails, which will mean modifying the soundproofing layer and carpets, you may need to look at the side panels to ensure enough clearance, but I'm just throwing that out as a precautionary check. 


The loom will partially work, but you'll definitely need to do work there, either by getting a 30 series partial loom, or creating one from scratch. 


I think you would need to really love your 20 series to spend that amount of cash, I think it may be more cost effective to buy a 30 series. 


You can buy new front end that gives you a 30 series look, bonnet, wings, bumper, grill and lights, and I've even seen the rear converted by chopping a section of the rear, and fitting a new quarter panel to for the new higher up lights and new tailgate, bumper. 


Bonkers money, I'm not sure how the Malaysian owners afford it. 

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