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Leaking fluids/lubricants!

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Hello all!


Have noticed a pooling of oil/lubricants on my driveway where my Alphard (2007 4wd) is normally parked.


Further investigation under the vehicle seems to show the source of the leak as indicated in attached pictures. Is this engine or gearbox/transmission oil? A mechanical ignoramus here!! 


Thank you in advance for your help!




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On second thoughts this looks like the the oil sump pan. I thought the close-up showed a red tint to the fluid which would be transmission but no.

Here's the picture from the Camry 3.0L Service Manual:


b. Insert the blade of SST between the oil pan No. 1 and oil



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Problem solved!


It was indeed a decidedly non-standard sump plug, featuring a bleed tap/nipple, that was letting engine oil slip through (to the tune of a couple of litres over 3.5 months!)


It appeared to have been fitted without any sort of washer, but to be safe it has now been replaced with a standard factory approved example and the oil brimmed up!


Pictures enclosed for those curious. The aftermarket plug is marked with the maker's name 'Fumoto'.



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1 hour ago, PalePisces90 said:

Problem was it was steadily draining all the time!


Probably, as you said, because no washer was fitted.


At least you got it resolved without incident.


Thanks for sharing.

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