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Vangear mini kitchen pod fitted


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Hi Guys

I just wanted to share pictures and details of the Vangear mini pod I just brought and installed in my Alphard.
There were some members who were interested in this so I thought I'd start a new topic.

I ordered the unit about 3 weeks ago and requested they fit an extra rail for an additional table I wanted.
I had removed one of the rear seats and placed a plastic mat before fitting the pod.. which took about 20 minutes to fit.

I've placed all my utensils, ridgemonkey, camping bits in the cupboard and behind the unit. I have enough space under the table to put my Thetford loo and my poweroak power station, with space on top to put my stove, picnic rugs and blankets etc..My 30L fridge sits on top when I'm parked up.

The only issue I had was that the leg for the table facing the tailgate was not meant to be long enough to reach the floor outside. I instead used an extended tent pole which I already had.. this was perfect.

The pictures I've attached were taken when I fitted the unit.
I placed all the above items and more in and around it afterwards.
This still give me the use of 6 seats 😀
I can remove the whole unit and bolt back the seat in 40 minutes if I had to.
It's a brilliant unit.

I hope this inspires you all to get out and to enjoy these brilliant vehicles.







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Hi Aftab, great post. I have also been looking at these pods as I don't want a full conversation at the moment. Is there room to install this while keeping all 5 seats in the back? (I'm currently waiting on my Vellfire to arrive in the UK). I was thinking this could be located behind the driver or passenger seat while keeping both the 2nd row (2 seats) and 3rd row (3 seats)? Thanks

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Hi Gavin, how are doing? 

I hope your Vellfire comes in soon. They are absolutely brilliant to drive 👍🏼


As for the pod. Yes you can fit them behind the front drivers or passenger seats. I think it does show one fitted that way in a Vw on there website. 

You may loose the option of using the one seat behind as the pod will take some of the legroom. I would recommend measuring up once you have the Vellfire in your hands.


These vehicles have quite a bit of legroom and seat adjustments so moving the middle seats right back should help.

I'm pretty sure the J clips will fit in the same way. Mine just has the added table in the rear for multi-use in my Alphard. 


I do recommend going down to there warehouse/unit when you get the Vellfire to perhaps look at the pods they have. They are a nice bunch and will help get you exactly what you want. 


I tried one of there display models in my Alphard before I ordered one as I wanted it to fit precisely in the rear. I'm glad I did as I then requested an extra table/rail to be fitted too.


Let me know if you need anymore information 🙂 

Good luck and I hope you have great use of the Vellfire and the camping set up 👍🏼




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Hi Aftab


Thank you for sharing the pictures


I have been looking at these also as, we about to purchase an Alphard that has not been fully converted by has a pop top fitted. We still need to have the option of 6 seats and this would work perfectly.


I'd be interested to understand if you can still sleep in the vehicle - I'm thinking it would need to be the middle and front seats or possibly middle front on side and middle rear the other.


Have you got any picture of how this would work?


Thanks Sean

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