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Back seats removal.

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27 minutes ago, Stuart Donovan said:

Can someone please advise how to remove the back seats from a 2007 Alphard V please?


Hello Stuart,


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20 hours ago, Stuart Donovan said:

Can someone please advise how to remove the back seats from a 2007 Alphard V please?

This is only a suggestion based on my own experience when I needed to do some rewiring. I moved the seat so that the front of seat was inline with marker on quarter panel usually an arrow in the plastic. Then lay the seat down completely. Removed the seat reclining and moving handles (be careful there are little clips you must lift with a thin bladed screwdriver on the insides of the plastic handles. They are stiff and you could injure your hand. once them are off remove all the plastic shrouding at the vehicle side of the seat. I bought plastic trim removers so not to damage plastic. there are two bolts that you need to remove under this covering. one is the seat belt holder so slide the unfastened seat belt up out of the way. move the seat up as though you are going to fasten back to side when ready to take seat off makes removal easier. Once seat is removed put the bolts back in position so they are not lost. I MUST POINT OUT THIS WAS DONE ON MY 2005 TOYOTA ALPHARD HYBRID. I dont know if there is any considerable difference between mine and your vehicle. If you pull the seat folded runners down so they rest on the floor it will make doing the rest easier and only do one seat at a time to give you room. Hope this helps

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