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Wiper blade recommendations

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Hi folks,


Sorry, do appreciate if I look hard enough on here I will likely find the answers, but I really want to replace the front and rear wiper blades on my 2008 AH10 ASAP as the fronts smear a gooden and the rear is shot to bits.


Id preference Bosch Aerotwins for the front (look a bit more modern) and a regular rear.  Can anyone point me to the ones that'll be an exact fit?


Know the Aerotwins will need to be the ones that work with hook type arms, but there seems to be conflicting info on the net for the blade lengths required.


Much appreciated guys!

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Hi. 26" and 16" front. 16" rear.

You can't get them all the time, but the ones they sell in Lidl are good when in stock. I bought 2 sets last time they were in.

They are good quality. I can't remember the make at present, but a good make also much cheaper than car shops!

John Harrison. (2008, 20 series Vellfire).

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Discussions, recommendations, suppliers etc. were covered by myself and others last year. Like myself you probably find difficulty in finding old topics. I find the only way is to keep searching or give up and sort myself.

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Thanks all!  I ordered all the relevent Bosch items from Halfrauds and all good.


They are indeed AR26U, AR16U for front and H409 for the rear.  SP16 I am sure works too on rear but H409 is essentially an OE like replacement (SP16 looks to be an old style frame wiper like what is normally on the fronts).  Hope this helps someone down the line!

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