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Inverter pump fitting series 1 ATH10 2005- advice please

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My inverter pump has packed up and I have one on order. 

I will likely have to get my local garage to fit it as I can't drive to a specialist without putting the inverter at risk. Not sure if I could do it myself.

Can anyone give advice as to where it is exactly, how to access and replace it. Any photos/ diagrams would be useful as I don't think the garage would have seen one.

I did think it might be behind the small access panel next to the passenger front wheel, I have tried to look but to no avail.



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I changed out my inverter pump a few months ago.  You are correct that it is just in front of the passenger front wheel.  I am not normally one to try and do these types of jobs on my own, but I thought I'd give this one a go.  So, I'm sure if I can do it, you probably can too.  You'll just want to set a few hours aside to do the job.  It actually sounds harder than it is.  You will need to take off the front grill and the wraparound bumper to access it.  Not as difficult as it may sound.  Then you will be able to look up through the front passenger wheelwell and see the pump.  I think one or two of the bolts were a bit awkward to get to, but that's about all.  You should be able to look at it and see how it all connects up.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. 


Here is a link to a diagram that shown how everything fits together.  The pump is in the bottom righthand corner of the diagram: 



Having said all that, it shouldn't be a difficult job for any mechanic, so you may just want to go that route.  They could easily put it up on a lift and do it in less than an hour I would think.

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Many thanks for the info. Did you have to refill with coolant and if so how much did it take? The vehicle spec says 4.2 litres I think but I imagine that is for the whole vehicle.

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