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Alphard Club Meet - 2nd July 2023 - British Motor Museum... Read more>> ×

Annual Club Meet - July 2nd 2023 - British Motor Museum

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Official Alphard & Vellfire Club Annual Event

British Motor Museum (Gaydon)
Sunday 2nd July 2023 - 10am


Due to the popularity of the British Motor Museum, we have managed to find a slot for the second general club meet on Sunday the 2nd of July 2023 at 10am. The location of the event is ideally located at Gaydon, 2 mins off the M40 between London and Birmingham. This makes it easier access for many members to join us on our Annual event.


We are looking to gather at least 100 Alphards / Vellfires to join us on this great day and be part of the largest Alphard & Vellfire gathering. The British Motor Museum can hold up to 500 cars, so we have plenty of room. During the day we will have access to the Museum which is a really interesting car museum for the family, plus there is a cafe where you can purchase lunch or beverages and have access to facilities so you and the family will have plenty to see and do.

Attending the event is FREE to join us on the day. Entrance fee in to the museum for the club is just £10 per head (usually £16) and really recommend going in to the museum. Even if the day is wet we can still have a good get-together. So all should be a good day out and meet loads of other like-minded members.


British Motor Museum Website


Time: 10am

British Motor Museum 
Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 0BJ


How to Join this Event?

To join this event all you need to do is register your interest (see below) We will keep you up to date with what's happening.

Volunteers Needed

  • 2x Camera / Video Person for taking pictures of the drive in and at the event and submit them to the club at the end of the event. Even phone camera will be fine.
  • 2x Pitch Parking Guides (nice straight lines of Alphards)
  • Meet and greet to welcome members.  (CBBrundall  Mike Owen)


If you would like to volunteer on the day to help organise a few parts of the event then please contact me. We will need a few members to help organise a few things which would be really helpful. 

To register (it's free) Please use the form below.



  1. Douglas Richmond    Alphard G 2006
  2. Mike138    Alphard hybrid 2006
  3. Charlie Brown    Alphard 2008
  4. Peter Dunn    2007 Alphard 2.4
  5. Bill Mogs    Alphard 2.4 2009
  6. MCP    Vellfire 3.5z 2010
  7. Maclacoste    Alphard A10 2008
  8. DaveF    Alphard 3.0 2006
  9. Regina    Alphard 2005
  10. MarkyC    Toyota Vellfire ah20 2008
  11. Chrish237    Alphard v 2004
  12. TtCobalt    Alphard Csmper 2012
  13. PaddyK    Alphard 2007
  14. tbrough    Alphard G V6 2007
  15. Peter Alphard G 3L New Dawn Conversion 2005
  16. Farid257    Alphard 2007
  17. Philip    Alphard 2.4 2015
  18. Wisey    AlphardG 2.4 Campervan 2007
  19. Malcolm Vellfire 2.4  2010
  20. Pagan Lord    Alphard 2.5 EFour hybrid 2005
  21. Sunny    Alphard tribrid camper 2003
  22. Kristoff    Vellfire 2011
  23. AdrianH    Vellfire 2020
  24. Michael Brown    Alphard Hybrid 2007
  25. velasco333    Alphard 2.4l Hybrid 2012
  26. FrenchDJ    Alphard 2003 Wellhouse conversion
  27. Teresa olive    Alphard 2006
  28. Lesz    Vellfire 350 G 2009
  29. Lu7as    vellfire 2009
  30. jackie298    Vellfire 20 Series 2.4 2012
  31. stopgapcat    Alphard 2006
  32. Pete S.,    Alphard 2.4 2004
  33. Raz    Alphard
  34. Gruf    Alphard 2006
  35. John&Zita    Vellfire 2.4l petrol 2009
  36. Kornus    Vellfire 2009 AWD
  37. Tony    2007 Alphard 2.4 camper conversion
  38. G holyhead    Anh10 2007
  39. Will1066    Vellfire hybrid 2064
  40. Ziggysawdust    Vellfire 2010
  41. Cat72    Alphard 2004
  42. Phil Tivney    2009 2.4 Vellfire camper conversion
  43. Jazz    Alphard 2007
  44. Baja1980    Alphard 2004
  45. Brianh    Alphard hybrid 2012
  46. RichardCutress    Alphard V 2007
  47. Pejay    Alphard 3L 2005
  48. robstarrob    2006 Alphard Hybrid
  49. HB2K    Alphard 3.0 2007
  50. Linc    Vellfire 3.5 v6 2010
  51. Angel    Alphard v 2004
  52. AlphieJJ    Alphard 3.0 Series 10 2006
  53. Steve  Alphard 3.5 V6
  54. Mike O Alphard 2007 3.0
  55. Mack 2006 Alphard 2.4
  56. Boatshedneil 2004 Alphard
  57. CBBrundall 2004 Alphard

(more names added every couple of days)

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21 hours ago, Mike Owen said:

Hi @Trevor - I am pretty sure we will be able to come, just got to talk to my wife about it first 🙂 - We live in Stratford-upon-Avon, 30 mins away, so happy to help out as well.


That's great news Mike, and thanks for the kind offer of assistance, I'm sure we'll call on your services. Chat nearer the time for details, etc

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