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Squeak as car shifts to EV

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I’ve noticed a new sound and was wondering if anyone has the same or if it’s something to worry about.


When the engine shuts off and the car goes into EV mode there’s a short, quiet but noticeable ‘squeak’, a bit like a rusty gate. This is not the usual mechanical whirring of the pumps, which is much louder. At first I thought it was when I was braking, but I’ve narrowed it down to the exact moment the ‘EV’ light appears on the dash after the engine shuts off. If I am outside the car while it is in ready mode and the engine turns on, I can hear that same squeak when it shuts off again.


It’s more noticeable with the windows open, so maybe it’s always been there and I’m only noticing it now the weather is hotter. Anyone know what it could be?

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So I think this might be the coolant pump based on this post on a Prius forum.



Can anyone with more knowledge than me tell me if that seems like the right diagnosis? There are no warnings on the dash, just that squeak noise when the engine shuts off, especially when cold.


I can't find anyone in the North-East who will touch the hybrid systems on my Vellfire. The Toyota garage refuses because their computer system can't diagnose it. Is replacing the pump the sort of thing that any garage could do?

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22 minutes ago, Rojie said:


FYI This movie fails to download to my PC running Win 10.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can convert it to a different format.

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