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Air con switch

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HI anyone have experience of a switch on the high pressure end of the air con system which says denso and 0690. My air con guy reckons this is the problem with no cool air coming through



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I assume that the air con guy confirmed by other means that there is pressure in the system and that is why he suspects the switch is faulty?


Anyway, I did some digging in the wiring diagrams. Apparently this is a "triple pressure switch".


As you can see it has two pairs of terminals with colours:

    Red-bLue /  Light Green - Black

     Black-Orange / White-Black


If I were you I would first check the A/C fuse is intact then diagnose the switch by shorting the R-L/LG-B together and shorting B-O/W-B together. If the A/C system then blows cold, air con guy is correct, it is the switch at fault. If not, then it is not the switch.






If it is the switch then it looks like this one in Oz:



I looked on PartSouq but it is not identified as a separate part strangely but I guess you can worry about that when you've confirmed it is the switch.





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Hi Geralt,

Great thanks for all the info. Greatly appreciated.  Yesterday for some reason the Airton came back to life!

Has been running well today as well. Hope fully must have been a temporary pressure problem

Thanks again 

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