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Wiring new cigarette lighter

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Hi. I need help please.  I had a Vitrifrigo fridge in my van but it’s takes up too much space for the small amount it will hold. So I’ve removed it and put a toilet and shelf in its place. 

I have a 12v Halfords cool box which is much smaller than the fridge but has about the same internal capacity. The cool box can be plugged into mains or 12v cigarette lighter socket. 

So my questions.   The fridge is electric only and was wired in with 1.5mm bullet connectors. I’d like to use them to run power to a Halfords 12v cigarette lighter.
* Is this a good idea?  

* What amp rating should the wire be?  (the Halfords cigarette lighter instruction state a 35a fuse should be fitted but this seems excessive to me). 

* And would I need an in line fuse or assume the wiring to the fridge had one already?

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20 hours ago, Tylersm90 said:

What amp rating should the wire be?


Is it either of these coolboxes? :




Both pages say 40W / (~3.5A @ 12V). So just 0.5mm² cable should be plenty. Maybe you misread 3.5A for 35A?


20 hours ago, Tylersm90 said:

And would I need an in line fuse or assume the wiring to the fridge had one already?

I think it's always better to err on the side of caution and add a fuse for electrical safety and, if it blows, will be more readily accessible.


Head over to 12V Planet for some good advisee: https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/knowledge-centre.html


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Thanks Geralt 


It’s the previous model to the 14L version pulling 40w at 3.3a.  

It’s the cigarette lighter that states 35a so I’ve rigged up a solution with just a 5a fuse in place. The cigarette lighter works fine, just need to test the cool box now I have some confidence in the solution!


I’ll check out the site you mentioned 

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