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Vellfire - 2.4l Loud Exhaust or AirBox Noise over 2000 RPM

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Hi Guys,


Have it booked in to be looked at, but wondered if anyone has experienced this?  Trying to predict my stress levels (hopefully just a hole in the exhaust) or what parts I may need to source if more serious.


Seems to be after it has had service covering CVT oil change (not flushed, just 5l added/rotated) and oil filter, new spark plugs, air and cabin filters.  It has also been undersealed at this time, could something been disturbed near the muffler or be something else to check?


- At any speed when the RPM's go over 2000 RPM the exhaust sounds very loud and throaty/rough

- When RPM drops down again all sounds smooth and nice, very quiet

- When I try this in N Neutral seems fine - only when driving.

- Have checked what I can with the air intake box in engine bay - clips and everything seem secure (not checked O ring)

- I'll try and take a proper look underneath for any holes or loose clips

- There is some condensation (no fuel smell) dripping near the back box through one of the 3 holes in the underside plastic guard, but its hot and have aircon on constantly at the moment - normal?)


Could it be anything else causing this?  Anyone had anything similar on theirs?


Thank You
















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I think its rattle/vibration from irbox - will check all clips incase something not secure since new air filter went in.  Anyone else had this noise or waste to dampen it?

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