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Advice on buying a 2019 Alphard hybrid?

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I'm moving to the Alphard world, leaving my Nissan Elgrand behind. (It's not compliant with London's imminent congestion charges and I do like the Alphards.)

I'm going to look at a 2019 Alphard hybrid at a dealer tomorrow and I wondered whether anyone had thoughts, advice, warnings... 😬


Mileage is 65K; it's done a fair distance in its short life, but that's actually a little lower than most of the (older) ones I've seen so far. Should I be particularly concerned about the hybrid battery's condition, and is there any way to check this?


Anything else I should have in mind to look out for or to ask about?


Sorry for arriving with a list of questions! 😇

— Keith

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is 2019 the actual date of manufacture or the date imported or registered in this country? Some dealers show the import/ registration date on their advertising but the vehicle may be 18-20 years old- Carefully check this and if possible check the auction appraisal and also if possible again if the owners service book is available see when it last had a major service- it will be in Japanese but you can work out the date (Jap date system)and mileage (in KM).  Mine had been serviced just before auction which may be why all the non hybrid bits are in such good condition even now. I have a 2005 hybrid Series 1 bought with 67k miles but this year I had to have a new 12v battery ( the correct one is expensive) the HV battery refurbished ( 2x modules where faulty) and a new inverter pump so has been an expensive year so far and lots of down time. Hoping I will get some good mileage now but who knows.


The link below gives a good appreciation of the early Alphard hybrids, read it to the end - wish I had seen it 2 years ago but info was sparse then and still is but getting better.

In hindsight I would have gone for a 2.4 petrol -I suppose any vehicle of that age could have issues but the hybrid system adds an extra element. Issues tend to happen over winter especially as the vehicle needs to be driven regularly to keep the hybrid system in good condition. Outside of the hybrid issues the vehicle drives beautifully and is otherwise in very good condition- fingers crossed. Hope this helps. If there is any other info I can give - let me know.

P.S. don't rush into buying - there are a lot of good vehicles out there but there are bad ones and shady dealers. Check with the forum members if they have dealt with your dealer.


Toyota Hybrid - THS-C (toyota-club.net)

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