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Stalling whilst driving - Knock and O2 Sensor Error Codes

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Had a mildly scary experience today where EML started flashing and car stalled whilst accelerating. 2002 V6.


Started again immediately after switching ign off and on again.


EML light was on, so pulled codes (see attached).


Done a lot of reading this afternoon, lots of guides/docs on replacement of knock sensor for Camry etc. 


Has anyone tackled this job themselves, was it manageable, or who has bitten the bullet and gotten Toyota specialist/local whiz to do it and rough £££?


Any help appreciated.








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Update: I have temporarily bypassed the second knock sensor and found that the previous 'mechanic' had wired the O2 sensor up wrong. Been quoted for the knock sensor/loom replacement but may as well do plugs/cam cover etc. at the same time as intake manifold needs to come off.


I have cleared codes and it seems to be behaving itself, fingers crossed!

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