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Just back from an eventful euro trip

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We are just back from a 2600 miles trip through France and in to Italy back up through the alps .

It was a great holiday , however the Alphard has come back with a bit of battle damage !

one of the radiator fans seized in the south of France  , not good in the blistering heat .

I reckon the alternator isn’t putting out enough volts , as mh dc - dc charger stopped working .

Then to top it all off when back in Blighty we hit a huge pothole on the A1M , which burst the front strut !!😡

The thing is it came from Japan on lowered bilsteins , I’m having a real time finding a replacement .

I might have to replace the whole lot !

Apart from all this  we had a great time 😂

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Is your alternator a 3 or 4 pin plug ? I have a brand new one in the garage (3 pin connector) sent to me in error and never returned it ! Mine was a 4 pin connector. It was £180, so could save you a few quid ? 😉

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Thanks for the offer , I will check it out to see if that is the problem .

lll need to get the multi meter out and see what is going on with it .

I’ll be in touch if the alternator is knackered 


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I got my multi meter out , alternator charging as normal , leisure g battery charging as it should .

Totally weird ,it wasn’t charging at all on holiday   , do t understand it .

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