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Hi Adrian,


I'm also in the process of purchasing an Alphard, although through an independant import retailer. From what I've reseached you should see or consider if it has a BIMTA cert and also check the auction report. 





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41 minutes ago, Adrian chamberlain said:

Hi all.

im in the process of thinking of buying a Toyota Vellfire import.

I’ve been warned that they wind the mileage down prior to exporting? Is this a true statement to make?




Hi Adrian,


Welcome to the Forum.


How would we know if the 'mileage' is correct?


To export the cars through auction the 'mileage' will be recorded on the Japanese auction sheet ( so make sure you obtain a copy before payment is made).


If the 'mileage' has been altered before that   !!!


I believe you can purchase a report from Carvx; but whether that would detect the fraud I don't know.


After importation to the UK, and before registration with the DVLA (when converting from kilometres to miles, on earlier models at least), there was also an opportunity for 'deliberate mistakes'.

Whether the same is true of the Gen 2 machines I don't know.

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