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Check your Alphards past history in Japan in detail with CarVX ×

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thanks mate.

anybody else have good sugestion.


that adrian flux is ment to be good but they asked over £1000 🤥


i just had a porsch cayman with them for less than £500, so over a £1000 for my toyota seems mad to me ?

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I got it for £690 with Brentacre.

Why oh why is Adrian flux advertised as good insurers of these Alphard's ?

Oh well 😕


Now the big problem starts of trying to understand the Japanese woman in my dashboard ??

oh god what have I done ?


PS my insurance asked if this van has a category 1 alarm fitted .

Anybody know ?



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RAC cover £364.64 per annum. 

£322.51 if paid in one off payment.

I went through Go Compare or similar, can't remember.

44 yr old, 14 years NCD (protection included) Social commute domestic pleasure.

No fault claim in last 5 years.

Parked on road outside home.

I told them about Alarm Immobiliser, but they've left it off details.

I would give the £1000 quotes a wide berth...

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That is a great price you got, mind you 14 year no claims is good,

iv only got 3, I had a full no claims but due to a back injury I didn't drive for several years and lost my bonus, iv been back on the road for 3 years now. I am sixty so probably not a boy racer 🙂

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Probably a bit late for this but mine is about £200 as part of a multi-car policy with Admiral.

I was surprised they touched it but it was by far the cheapest quote I got.


It was an additional vehicle so there's no no-claims attached to the car.

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Hi all,

Just to add I insured our Alphard for £308 not had my own insurence for 10 years and that was with Churchills, I am name driver on wife car, if she insured the Alphard with 11 years no claims it would have been £197. Went through top 3 comparison sites and rang the churchill direct after. Also they give discounts if you belong to a club like this. Hope this helps.

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all great info,

ill be flowing your lead next year for sure.



Iv just picked up an English owners manual from Amazon, this is a big help.


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Tried a few but myself plus 2 named drivers with Churchill £238. Protected no claimed 9+ years NCD.

Hopefully this will help.


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