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Power steering isn't working correctly?

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I've been pulling my hair out the last few weeks trying to isolate what's causing this but haven't come up with much. I have an Alphard 2.4 2008. 


The steering is totally off for me. Sometimes it feels very light and is a pleasure to drive, but this is usually for a very short period of time. Most of the time the steering feels very heavy, and it feels like I'm always fighting against it. Almost feels like I don't have power steering at all. Is bothering me because when I first bought the van the steering was one of the first things I noticed - it was very pleasant to drive as the steering felt very light and easy to use. Now I'm constantly fighting it as I drive. Another thing I've noticed is the steering is often veering to the left and I have to keep it straight, the second I take my hand off the wheel it wants to go left. Also there's a very prominent whirring sound the wheel makes when making a full turn with it at low speed. 



Anyone have any experience with this?


I've checked the tyre pressure. It's fine, also the steering fluid is at the correct level and there doesn't appear to be any leaking. 


Could it be the tracking?


Any help on this would be much appreciated. 

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Getting your wheels balanced, and the tracking done are the cheapest and easiest things to do first....never hurts to have it all checked anyway so the money isn't wasted.

Have a chat with the garage whilst you are there, it may be an easy fix for them.

You're not happy with it as it is, so you've got to start somewhere to resolve it.

I'd try and find a Garage that is used to working on heavier vehicles and fits higher load rated tyres rather than a Kwik Fit in this case.

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Alphard 3.0 has a steering sensor built into the pump are avaliable from toyota about £60 this sends signals to the ecu telling it when to add more hydraulic fluid depending on revs not sure if 2.4 fitted with one but if you give me a reg no. Or chassis I will tell you or you could have a failing steering pump 
























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