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Engine, VSC OFF, Traction Ctrl lights all of a sudden?

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HI All, 


I am new to the forum. I bough a Vellfire 2010 last week from a dealer and all of a sudden about 2 days ago the engine light(steady), VSC off (blinking) and traction control (steady) lights came ON. I going to take it to the local garage to see what is going on. However has anyone has any simillar problems before. The car drives fine. there seems no loss of power. Is there something that I need to look for. I went into a fit of researching this on the internet and a lot of them say it could be the fuel cap. The engine light is steady when the car is turned on. The other 2 lights come on as soon as i move the car about 5 meters. Thank you in advance. 




WhatsApp Image 2023-09-11 at 9.39.13 PM.jpeg

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Was going to take it to the dealers today however In the end it turned out to be an easy fix. Saved me a trip to the dealer who is about an hour away. 


Bought a cheap bluetooth OBDII reader from eBay for less than £10. Did the diagnostics and found out that it was running lean. Error code P0171/P0174


On inspection (assuming it was the MAF sensor) there was a pipe running from the engine to the airbox which had come loose.

Resecured it and the lights were still on. Detached the negative from the battery and plugged it back on to reset the codes.



Hope this helps someone 



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