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Hi. I have a 2008 Vellfire 2.4.

Unfortunately, my after market rear fog lamp fell off the other week. The metal bracket rust away.

I looked around for a pair of better ones.

On ebay I found a set of new body fitted fog lights for a VW Transporter. I had to buy the lights and the lamp holders separately, and had them fitted by a local body repair shop. He was as nervous as me cutting into the back bumper but he did and they clipfit in well. The metal panel behind had to be tapped in about 4mm so holder didn't foul, but it hasn't affected the bodywork.

The person who did the job said all the wiring was already in the harness, so it was just a matter of plugging it in.

It cost me £47 for lights and £90 for the fitting (including delivery home!)

The lights clip out to change bulbs.

My rear fogs work well and will not get knocked off again!!!


John Harrison. Wallasey, Wirral.

PS. Sorry aboutthe muck on my Vellfire in the pictures. Had just come back from Manchester Airport and hadn't had chance to clean it!!!








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Nice, i'm just going to use switchback leds in the reverse lights and run a wire from the faxtory fog light witing to them. Already have the new light stalk👍🏻 in future i will prob just change the bumper reflectors to fog lights.

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just FYI, the official fog from toyota is placed in the the plastic panel above where you fitted yours, so it was a matter of jut swapping out that quarter panel.


Good job though, looks OEM, and well done on the installer using the already fitted loom, many don't and run cheap wire under the carpet.


Did you installer fit official stalk with both fog positions or did they fit a switch?

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