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I was looking to rotate the middle row seats in my AYH30 for when we're parked up having a picnic.  I removed the offside seat, and took some snaps, to see what was what.




There is a base which fits onto the runners, and which in turn supports the seat.  The base shows the "cups" in each corner which fit onto the runners.  At the top of the cups are the bolts securing the seat to the base.




The runners have a tab which, when depressed, allows forward and back movement.  It seems pretty clear that a turntable or swivel plate will not work.  One reason is that the cable-activated forward and back tab contact cannot be rotated.  Another is that the mechanism for the Ottoman leg rest would foul the corner of the base if rotated.


So Plan B is to find a seat which has a built-in swivel and which can be mated to the existing runners.  Variant 1 of the plan is to ask if anyone is having their 30 Series Alphard or Vellfire converted into a camper and wishes to dispose of their swivelling middle seats.  Variant 2 is to ask if anyone knows of a third-party supplier of a captain's chair which could be adapted to fit.  In either case I'd be very pleased to hear from you!


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