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In case they are useful, a couple of snaps of a Thule roof bar fitted to my AYH30.  The 30 Series is the first Alphard / Vellfire version which will take clip-on third-party roof bars as far as I can see, due to the re-design of the sliding doors which allows the clip to seat.  The Thule foot pad to suit the 30 Series is standard in the catalogue but is a special order in the UK, mine took 3 weeks to arrive following the request from the local dealer.  I went for the Wingbar Evo Bars x2 | 711500, the Evo Clamp Feet x4 | 710500, and the Kit to fit feet to 2016 Toyota Vellfire | 145194.




I set the gap between the bars at around 105 cm, seems fine although the Thule instructions suggest 78 cm or so.  I wanted as large a gap as possible to fit a 2.5 m long Thule 3200 awning in due course, the choice dictated by the availability of a Thule 3200 adapter kit for roof rack mounted awnings | 301925 to suit the WingBar Evo.  I really do not want to drill holes in the roof .... (smile)  Clearance calculations suggest that the Vellfire roof height is around 6', 1.83 m;  then with the Wingbar the height at the front is more exactly 6'3", 1.91 m, and at the rear 6'5", 1.96 m;  and then with the Thule 3200 cassette fitted, height at front around 6'6", 1.99 m and at rear 6'8", 2.04 m.  So, careful attention for those signs which give a height restriction as 6' or even 2 m.







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Nice! And jealous you got some decent bars to fit. We have some third party bars from Japan on our 2007/petrol. They are ex-ski racks that we stripped and painted to try and make look good. Yours look much better!

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