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Transmission fluid change

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Hi everyone,


Had my Alphard since September.It has 97000 miles and no written proof of it being done in the extensive service history paperwork.I have read and watched youtubes videos about the subject.Concensus seems to be that flushing is a bad idea as it can cause issues with moving debri inside the narrow gearbox channels resulting in major issues.The other view is its ok to do a fluid change as you never get all the fluid out as converter is still full.as you are only replacing 50 % of fluid then thats a safer way of doing it.Whats everyones views on it,would be grateful for any opinions

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Personally, I drained as much as I could (about 4 litres) , removed the sump pan , replaced the filter and refitted /refilled. A week later I drained again and refilled.  

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