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 Hey All, 


I’ve been going through my new-to-me Alphard getting it ready for safety. New pads on the front, shoes on the rear and the rear rotors turned as sourcing rear rotors for this thing in North America is too expensive and timely (at least at any of the prices I’ve seen).
Last night I pulled the plugs and there was a bit of build up on the bottom side of strap. Given how the porcelain was tarnished the plug is a few years old. So, I think the oil consumption issues I’ve read about may not be affecting this one to a concerning amount. I’ll pick up the plugs, oil+filter, and trans fluid today. I do have a question regarding the trans and fluid. I saw on another thread that was detailing service info, “Make sure the specifications are for the Toyota T-IV ATF oil.”  I just want to be 100% that info I’m reading applies to the hybrid and not other non-hybrid Alphards. Can someone confirm the type, quantity and anything else notable regarding a trans fluid change with this vehicle. 

Also, I believe there is a very faint sound coming from the accessory drive location at the front of the engine (beginning of bearing failure). My stethoscope is misplaced in the shop somewhere so I haven’t determined the exact location. I believe it could be coming from this tensioner pulley or whatever is just behind the tensioner pulley. I’ve read about HV coolant pump failure being a thing with these vans. Where is that pump on the accessory drive? 


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