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ULEZ COMPLIANT FULL HISTORY, DATING BACK TO PURCHASE INVOICE FROM JAPAN.  No I'm not a dealer, just need to take some proper photos and replace these ones ahaha (but part exchange is welcome! something ULEZ and cool, wagons preferably)


Here is the family's 2008 Toyota Alphard MZ-G edition 3.0l v6. Its a beautiful spec from factory. literally top of the top range. There's not another one in the UK of the exact same specification. I believe the MZ-G is the trim underneath the Royal Lounge. which was basically a presidential van. so this is the "bijou businessman spec". it has literally everything you could ever need in a car, and keeps up with ones being made now. Way ahead of its time! It was imported in 2021, and we are the first owners. The speedo has been converted to mph! Again, hard to come by on these.


And I know I'm going to forget so many things but the spec list consists of, cream leather (top model), heated seats in the front and captain chairs in the middle, with three foldable seats at the back. Curtains on all windows except the front of course, 5% tint all round (standard from factory) and the front windscreen is privacy glass, can see out but not in ! Interior lights, that make you feel like your in a first class jet! It has a double sunroof, one in front, one in back, the boot is openable by key, it's got a tv in the back. It's got the theatre surround system, which is absolutely amazing. honestly the best sound system I've ever had in a car. It's got this beautiful factory black paint with a purple and green flake to it almost. electric drivers seat. everything in the car can be controlled by the driver. Also has the really rare factory bodykit and black grille, which are both awesome; and adjustable suspension too. It has been absolutely babied since we've had it.


Never had a single problem with it. it really is the car of dreams for someone who wants a van that can be used for camping, but also road trips. There's so much I've probably forgotten.


 But honestly, you've got to come see it in person to experience the true magic of the Alphard! ITS A MUST SEE :) don't want to see it go, but needs must,


MOT until 26 July 2024. Mileage 79k.

Genuine sale please drop a message if interested, asking around the 12k mark but offers more than welcome!


Located North West London


you can contact me by facebook: charlie carter. profile picture is a blue mini, or you can look it up on marketplace 

email: charliebcarter@icloud.com (not great at replying)

number: 07888949758 (more likely to reply to a message!)

Or just message me on the Forum, no guarantee ill reply quick!










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Additions on behalf of Charlie
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