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I looking to Buy a Toyota Vellfire 2008-2015 Model, Parts

Parts availability for 2008-2015 Vellfire  

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  1. 1. Parts availability in UK beyond service items, Windscreen, discs, suspension, and body panels

    • There are a number of outlets in UK that can get most parts within 2 weeks
    • All parts have to be shipped in very little stock in UK 3-6 weeks shipping
    • Are service parts all available to Toyota Specialists

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I am new to this forum, and now in the market of considering buying a Toyota Alphard 3.5 V6 L or a Vellfire 350 G with business seating (captains chairs middle row). I been to 3 dealerships so far and I have been rather disappointed with there experience of the cars they are selling. I have read the guidance note on the forum page and must commend you for providing this to members as it has lots of good advice.


I thought I had found the perfect car at one of the dealers, the right colour, the right spec, condition. I had inspected it and it drove nicely, and the price was fair. All appeared good until I ran a Auto Check on the car and found the auction sheet provided within the advert had been doctored. The dealer was surprised to learn this and went away and immediately confirmed the sheet had been changed, he acted immediately to change the advert but now the relationship is somewhat tainted. The original sheet was found in the car documents and I am sure he will look into how the sheet was amended. Oh dear, someone is not going to be happy!


The point is it remains a risky business if the dealership's themselves do not do their homework and check the documentation.


I really like to hear from those members that have had similar experiences and a short list of importers/dealers that one can have confidence in, I yet to find one, still searching!.



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