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Second row of seats - swivel?

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I would like to know which models of Alphard have the second row of seats that swivel (can face backwards). I have seen several images of the 8 seater version (one normal and one double size seat) that swivel but what I would like to find out is whether this is a standard feature, a factroy option or an after market modofication.


Also do the 7 seater versions (350G) second row seats (x2) swivel? These are the seats with the electric calf rests. I haven't seen any of these in the rear facing position so assume this isn't standard? If so, does anyone know if it is possible to fit a swivel base to these types of seats?



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I have an 07 import and my second row swivel, the single and double both do.

When I was looking to buy mine I also looked at an 05 with the 2 single seats in the second row and they swivelled.

And that's all I know ,

small help perhaps.

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I am a newbie at all this, but have done quite a bit of research prior to buying my Alphie (2006, MZ G V6)


I believe nearly all Alphard 2002 to 2008 have swivel second row seats. there is, apparently, quite a technique to it. Check out YouTube.

The seats I am referring too are the single and the 'one and a half seats'.

Northstar do swivels for the front passenger and driver seats. They are not cheap!


If you have the Captains seats in the front  and second rows, as I have, Northstar say their swivels will work on the front row, but not the second row of captains seats.

I believe I have a method to achieve a way of having the second row seats rear facing; but they will not be able to swivel.

If my idea works, I will post it in the Forum.

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