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Powered door cable (again)

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Hi folks, I have decided to have a go at fixing a few issues with my alphard and would appreciate some help.


The near-side powered door on my 53 plate alphard MZG has stopped working as the cable has snapped.


There are 2 issues I would like help with please. Firstly, from reading posts on the forum I think I need to decide whether just the cable needs replacing or whether the motor is broken. How do I tell if the motor is working?


Secondly and assuming the motor is OK can anyone tell me the right part number for the mechanism and the best place to buy one? I believe they are about £200. Oh, also, any chance of a link to a video showing anyone fixing one?


Many thanks everyone.



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Chung Hau who goes by the name Ben Alphard sells the door motors (the little ones that release the door)


I paid £30 each a few years ago. 
His contact information is attached. 


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Hello Dave, if you check out on U-Tube there are several helpful postings about the problems with the Alphard power doors. These show you how to remove the door cards and gain access to the motors and cables. If you check through the past postings on this forum you will find links to other helpful clips. Hopefully this will get you further along to sorting out your problem.

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Thank you Barry, am I right in thinking I need to check first that the motor is still OK before I replace the cable? 


Are we talking about the same part? The consensus is that they cost somewhere between £150 and £250. I don't doubt you for a second but that being the case what you bought for about £30 even a few years ago surely can't be the same thing can it?   

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Thanks Lee, I hate to sound like I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth but why are they now half that price. Anything I should know?


Finally, how do I check the motor is working?



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3 hours ago, davet said:

I'm sorry if this is a daft question but will there be any customs charges or other fees to pay?


Thanks again.


It depends on where you buy it from !


Which country will it come from ?

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2 hours ago, davet said:

Japan, according to the advert.

I think,  8 or 10 percent, import tax, and VAT of course; but not sure.


Try the internet H M Revenue and Customs.

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24 minutes ago, davet said:

Thanks, if I've read the HMRC site correctly there's no duty if the item costs less than £135, which a few do.


I believe you are correct.


I import goods from Germany for another hobby, and that 135 figure feels familiar.


Below 38 value is another threshold !

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